About YPP

Pendar Pagi Foundation was founded 20 February 2009 with a mandate to provide social and humanitarian services in Indonesia.

YPP works with local communities and government agencies to improve quality of life through health, education, economic and social development. Our programs are designed to build the capacity of citizens, empowering them to find their own solutions to the challenges they face and to realize their full potential.


Healthy, flourishing communities whose members serve one another for the common good.


Development and empowerment of  disadvantaged Indonesian communities through the promotion of  health, learning, economic opportunity, environmental sustainability and human dignity.


  • Empowering
    Helping communities find solutions, make decisions and develop resources from within
  • Sustainable
    Working towards long term economic, social and environmental well-being
  • Holistic
    Addressing the needs of the whole person
  • Community based
    Working with individuals and families in the context of the wider community
  • Comprehensive
    Meeting immediate needs while also addressing systemic social issues

Pendar Pagi Foundation

Governing board
Rilus Ardi Kinseng, Chair
Douglas David Evans
Janice Maria Whyne

Executive Board
Colombus W. H. Siregar, Chair
Sisni Sipayung, Secretary
Clara Natasya Ketaren, Treasurer

Supervisory board
Haskarlianus Pasang
Midzon L.I. Johannis

Office manager, DKI Jakarta
Kosmartua Situmorang

Foundation Registration Number
Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia
AHU-1675.AH.01.04.Year 2009 Current
AHU-0018342.AH.01.12.Year 2020 Incoming
Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia
Registration Number LKS : 1471010005.01.1

In partnership with


SEEDS (Socioeconomic and Educational Development in Southeast Asia) works to alleviate poverty in Southeast Asia through socioeconomic and educational programs, and through placement of qualified professionals in education and community development.

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