Are we learning today, Ma’am?

Dreams become possible in the village with a passion to learn

Teluk Kanidai is a village located on the outskirts of the city of Pekanbaru, in the Kampar District. In this community live dozens of children and teenagers who don’t understand the importance of education, or have the motivation to learn.

In the past, members of this community were not interested in education because they did not believe it could actually improve their lives. Sometimes parents even forbade their children from going to school. They believed it was better to work and to make money immediately than to go to school. In their experience, life only changed with hard work as laborers or plantation workers. Many families in this area still hold to this idea.

But things are beginning to change. For example, one child has a dream of becoming a police officer. He is incredibly motivated and passionate about learning. Every time we come to the village he runs to the teachers in excitement, asking “Are we learning today, Ma’am?” His mother supports him, too. She sits and waits for him to finish class and sometimes she even helps us.

After attending several sessions put on by YPP about motivating one’s children to study, parents in this village are more enthusiastic to send their children to school. YPP hopes to help these families further their understanding about education. Right now many are already showing more interest in their childrens’ education. They know that their children are the leaders of tomorrow and have the ability to move Teluk Kanidai towards a better future.