Jakarta Community Health

Serving those beyond the reach of public health services

West Jakarta » With the implementation of the Jakarta Health Card in 2012 and the Indonesia Health Card in 2014, access to health services improved for marginalized communities. Still, some are still unable to enjoy these services. Some don’t have the necessary papers, while others lack understanding of the health system and how it can help them. 

YPP complements health services provided by government and the private sector and helps the community understand and access them.

YPP provides health education to prevent disease and promote good health with the placement of a health consultant at the Kalianyar Community Centre. Together with other medical professionals, a medical doctor offers health advice including special guidance for sufferers of hypertension and diabetes. The YPP doctor also advises parents of children in the PAUD government preschool program on their children’s development.

Some of the poorest residents in the area of the Kalianyar Community Centre are reluctant to use public health services. A YPP doctor meets them where they are, visiting their communities and homes to provide medical help and advice. This service is much needed and appreciated by local residents.

From time to time YPP holds free medical clinics, usually working together with partners and the local community. The YPP consultant also provides training to local volunteers to encourage community participation.

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