Learning is Fun! Teluk Kanidai

Creativity and positive values in a Riau village

Teluk Kanidai » YPP believes that every child has the potential to achieve and contribute. They simply need ways to channel their creativity and a community that supports them.

Such is the purpose of the Learning is Fun! group in Teluk Kanidai, Riau, where YPP runs the program in two one hour sessions each week at the Village Health Centre. The children are divided into two groups comprised of preschoolers (4-6 years) and school age children (6-12 years). They participate in a variety of activities designed to stimulate creativity, build confidence, and inspire love for their community and the environment.

Children in the Learning is Fun! group are given the opportunity to draw, paint, read and tell stories, sing, and learn about health education.

They also learn norms and values to help them develop healthy relationships in their families, schools and wider community – honesty, helping one another, working together, confident self expression and responsibility.

Through these things Learning is Fun! encourages the children to grow in self confidence and discover their creative potential.

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