Mobile Computer Lab

Essential computer literacy for village vocational schools

With the current advance in technology there is a clear gap between the facilities of other nations and those of Indonesia. A further gap exists between the city and villages, especially the subregency villages of Benai in Kuansing, Riau. Recognizing this, YPP introduced the Mobile Computer Lab project to primary and secondary level vocational schools, mentored by Rahmat and taught by Jean Saleh and Agus.

The project goal is so that students can competently operate a computer, type correctly, and use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Before YPP brought the program to the schools, most students were unable to use a computer; some had never even laid hands on one.

The first year of program yielded significant improvement in the students’ abilities. In the first semester it was run in one school, SMP National 9 Benai located in Talontam Village. New schools were added in the second semester:

  1. MTS Babussalam in Tebing Tinggi Simandolak Village
  2. MAS Babussalam in Koto Simandolak Village
  3. SMP National 6 Benai in Banjar Lopak Village, Siberakun

YPP was initially given one teaching slot per week. With a change in the Indonesian Informatics curriculum, Information and Communications Technology class time was changed to once every two weeks, alternating with practical application.

Interestingly, one school also asked YPP to provide the opportunity for its teachers to take the computer training. Such training is vitally important for these teachers in preparing reports, lesson plans and teaching media.

YPP ran several programs in Kuansing Regency from February 2011 to December 2015. Because of personnel limitations, the Mobile Computer Lab is no longer active.

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