Economic and Social

Integrated Farming

The Integrated Farming Program or what is called Integrated Agriculture is an empowerment program to improve the economy of communities located in suburban areas or rural areas which are several hours from the city of Pekanbaru, Riau. This program aims to create community micro-enterprises through raising fish and agricultural plants at the same time. Fish pond waste can be used as fertilizer for agricultural crops. These results will be sold and have value to help improve the community's economy.

This program supports community development because communities are empowered by learning and taking responsibility for the projects they receive. The community will be trained and assisted to run and develop the project until it is successful.


English Zone

English Zone, abbreviated as EZ, is an English learning community that is different from English courses in general. EZ is a place for more speaking practice, building friendships, discussions and playing in English. EZ has a vision of forming an open community where every member is confident in speaking English. EZ is a place to empower the community through English language development.

Cerdas Literasi

Cerdas Literasi is one of the programs of the Pendar Pagi Foundation (YPP) in the field of Education which aims (vision) to help and equip communities, schools or Kindergartens (TK) to build a culture of reading. This goal is achieved by (mission) equipping teaching staff (teachers) by providing child-friendly and effective training and teaching materials.

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