Farming Cooperative

Skills to increase village income from the land

Yayasan Pendar Pagi formed a farming cooperative with five members from a village in the Benai area. Most of these men have very low education and make their livelihood through rubber tree tapping and fishing.

Their income drops dramatically whenever the price of rubber is low or when the rainy season comes. Along with this, there is often trouble catching fish because the gold mining process in the river leaves the water polluted with dangerous substances like mercury. This group of men is therefore eager to find ways to improve the economy of their village.

YPP aims to help the local economy and its families’ ability to meet their daily needs. We do this through education and increasing the people’s knowledge about chili farming. The members of this group are incredibly proud of their work, as they know that they are able to contribute to their community.

YPP ran several programs in the district of Kuansing from February 2011 until December 2015. However, due to a lack of personnel, the farming cooperative was not able to continue.

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