Chicken Coop Project

Providing opportunity for a stable income

In the villages of Kuansing Regency in Riau, Sumatra, YPP has worked with village heads and their networks to identify families that are unable due to poor health, age, or other limiting factors to find sufficient work to meet their needs. These families received an initial investment of chickens and a chicken coop as the basis for raising chickens.

One recent example of a program recipient is Ibu Megawati, a grandmother caring for three grandchildren who works hard tapping rubber trees to provide for her family. The income she earns from this is often not enough to meet their needs.

YPP in conjunction with local village leaders constructed a sturdy chicken coop capable of housing 20 chickens for Ibu Megawati’s family, who also received one rooster and two hens as an initial investment.

To date YPP has built over 25 chicken coops for some of the poorest families in the area. The return on investment for chicken coops is relatively quick. Within three months many families have between ten and twenty chicks, the start of a small business with the potential to stabilize their income.

YPP ran several programs in Kuansing Regency from February 2011 to December 2015. Because of personnel limitations, the Chicken Coop Project is no longer active.

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