Community Health in Kampar Villages

Complementing public health services in Riau villages

Kampar Regency » Yayasan Pendar Pagi realizes that every person has the same right to receive optimal health services, including those in the regency of Kampar. The communities in this area have serious difficulties accessing health services, as a result of their remote location, lack of human resources, and low level of education. These realities encouraged YPP to bring resources and aid to the area.

To meet these needs, YPP offers door-to-door health treatment, health counseling, and facilitation of the community members’ visits to well-equipped hospitals in the city. These approaches empower families and communities by providing health education and assistance in tangible ways.

The hope is that the work in these villages will bring about prevention of illness and increased life expectancy. Additionally, YPP works to empower communities to achieve independence in healthy living and awareness of potential health issues.

Other Community Health:

Serving those beyond the reach of public health services

Occupational Safety
Protection for workers from hearing disabilities

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