Occupational Safety

Protection for workers from hearing disabilities

Teluk Kanidai, Riau » Dredging sand to be used in construction is the primary source of livelihood for families in the village Teluk Kanidai. They use a simple wooden boat (called a pompong) to move sand and gravel dredged from the middle of the river using a ponton, a type of excavator. They then use a conveyor belt powered by a generator to move the load ashore. This process is incredibly noisy.

Yayasan Pendar Pagi noticed that the workers on these projects experience hearing loss over time. The YPP team’s approach in addressing this issue is to explain the short- and long-term side effects of this noise to the people working in this business, such as a buzzing in their ears when they try to go to sleep. As a preventative measure, YPP offers ear protection equipment to be worn while working on the sand dredging operation. ear muff.

A number of people have agreed to test this equipment. Hopefully, more workers will participate in the future and realize the importance of utilizing safety equipment while they work.

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