My second home

By Randi Sanjaya

The many benefits of learning English at the English Zone

I officially became a member of the English Zone in February 2010. When I became an EZ member there were many English skills I still needed to improve. At the EZ I met with many young people from Indonesia and from other countries who loved to talk, and new friends who wanted to develop their English languge abilities. In the English Zone I meet many new people, have many close friends, and attend special events every month. Long story short, in this group we have evolved into friends, students, and siblings. I cannot say how much the EZ has shaped me into the person I am now, I am so grateful. It is a base camp where people with the motivation to learn English can gather.

Mampu berbahasa Inggris membuat kita menonjol, baik di perguruan tinggi, dalam kompetisi/perlombaan, di seminar maupun ketika bekerja. Kesempatan lainnya muncul ketika kita memiliki keterampilan itu. Dengan bahasa Inggris kita dapat mengakses dan memahami informasi lebih lanjut, berkomunikasi secara global, dan memiliki teman. Banyak anggota EZ telah ke luar negeri karena mereka dapat berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris dengan cukup baik dan mereka menikmati kemampuannya itu.

Personally, I was fortunate to be able to speak in English while I was in university. I could understand English books, I succeeded in campus competitions because of my English presentations, and I got an internship at one of the largest energy companies in the world.

The benefit that now makes me so grateful that I came to the English Zone was when I graduated from college and began looking for a job. Since my goal was to find a job in a multinational company, I applied to several. Being able to speak English in interviews was a great benefit, because it was a requirement for these positions. I passed screening interviews from two multinational companies and was able to move forward to the next selection process.

EZ is my second home, and it will always be home for me.

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