School and shoes for Reni and Remi

We first went to collect information from Teluk Kanidai in 2012. This was difficult and confusing at first, because they speak a local dialect called bahasa Ocu. Despite the difficulties, our passion and excitement were not shaken.

We met Pak Saprudin and his family and they soon began asking questions, “Why are you here?” and “Where are you from?” When we introduced Yayasan Pendar Pagi and our interest in meeting with less fortunate families they brought us to their own house.

Their home was dilapidated and their lives were very difficult. This was because Pak Saprudin could only use one hand after being injured in a motorbike accident. He was still passionate about making a living for his family, but he needed a great deal of help. As a result, their oldest child never graduated from elementary school. He was forced to drop out in order to help his father make money. Their second and third children are still in third and fourth grade, but they also help the family make ends meet. After school they help their parents make and sell treats.

Today, this family is very grateful. With the help of Yayasan Pendar Pagi, the family is able to afford schoolbooks, writing tools, and shoes for their children.

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