The best place to learn English

By Sugiono

Fifth semester student at Riau Islamic University

Learning English means having to speak

The English Zone is the best English Language program I have ever joined. Your ability to speak clearly in English is the main priority when learning in this program. It is emphasized that each member must have the ability to discuss common issues. Many people have the ability to read or write in English, but the clarity of their pronunciation is neglected. To address this problem, members are only allowed to speak English while on English Zone property. Inevitably, their English language skills grow over time.

The mentors and teachers in this place come directly from America, UK, Australia, Germany, and other countries so that the members learn how native speakers communicate in English. The native speakers also teach English pronunciation so that common pronunciation errors are addressed. Discussion groups are held every day focusing on topics about current events and culture. These discussions are interspersed with games, ice breakers, and other activities to encourage members in learning English.

Benefiting international and local communities.

Because of their English-speaking abilities, many English Zone members have joined student exchange programs with a variety of nations in Asia, Europe, America, and Australia. I myself joined a student exchange program in Japan, thanks to the English Zone program. I learned about this exchange program while at the English Zone, and was eventually accepted into the program based on the English skills I had developed as a result of being a member.

To  become a member you only need to offer a donation, and there are always discussion groups and pronunciation labs 4 days a week. Because of this, I am a faithful member. The more often I attend the English Zone, the more I practice and the more I improve. The English Zone is the best place to learn to speak English.